Fall inspired veggie soup

Fall inspired veggie soup

It all starts with the farmer’s market just a block away. When I see all those fresh vegetables, I have to shop them.
Today, I felt like making a fall inspired soup that is creamy but light. Actually, this is a vegan soup, no dairy, no meat, no additives, no preservatives, nothing bad in there. Just veggies, water and some spices.
I buy my spices at a local market, as well, by the way. That way I know there is nothing bad in there.
So, I started with a Hokkaido pumpkin (you can eat the peel, which makes life a lot easier here), washed it and chopped it into quarters.
After that, I scraped out all the seeds and chopped the quarters into smaller pieces.

Repeat that with carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic,… Whatever comes to your mind. I had an apple left over, so I chopped it, too :)


Pour water over your veggies and spice it all up, since the cooking water will still be needed.
I used roasted pepper, salt, fresh grind pepper, rosemary, parsley and olive oil.
Usually, I also buy fresh herbs at the farmer’s market. Leftovers are finely chopped and put into ice cube trays, filled up with olive oil. Put in the freezer and voilà, you always have them on hand.

I let the whole stuff simmer for 25 minutes, meanwhile check whether the pumpkin or carrots are soft already. If so, take everything of the stove (I have induction and I am in love!), take out a blender or similar. I have a special purée mixer.



Blend well, as desired, and taste. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result, so I added some balsamic reduction and tandoori masala to give the soup an exotic touch.

Now my dinner was served. Fall inspired “creamy” veggie soup. Sprinkled with seeds (pumpkin, pine, sunflower) and drizzled some balsamic on it.