Sauce Bolognese "Madame style"

Sauce Bolognese “Madame style”

I haven’t posted anything lately but I’m also working full time and had no chance to document any of my results.
So today I wanted to make sauce bolognese and started with the following ingredients:
1 kg ground meat (half pork, half beef)
cherry tomatoes
pesto sauce (from my favorite Italian supplier)
sundried tomatoes
olive oil and coconut oil (coconut oil is great if you’re frying something at high temperatures)
red bell peppers
basil, roasted red pepper, pepper, salt, oregano, thyme, rosemary


While frying the meat, I chopped the rest of the ingredients. I must admit, I am a huge fan of a certain company which makes kitchen helpers, not naming them now ;)
I coarsely chopped the carrots and onions and then put them into a processor.



I took the cherry tomatoes out of the jar and let them dry a bit.

After frying the meat (in coconut oil because the pan needs to be quite hot), I added carrots, onions and tomato paste to my pan. You need to cook the tomato paste thoroughly to reduce the acids in there. Besides, it tastes better if you put it in at the very beginning.

Stir it and cook it a couple of minutes, then add the herbs, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce and sundried tomatoes.


Stir, let cook at low temperatures for some time and enjoy your sauce bolognese.
Tonight we had rice with it. You can, of course, be more traditional and go for pasta. I use this sauce for lasagna, as well.
I had some left over and put it in a jar – when it was still hot, so the jar closes tightly.