1 pack dried chickpeas
1 clove garlic
juice from 1 lemon
1 tsp Tahina (sesame paste)
sesame oil
peanut oil
salt, roasted red pepper
1 chili

The preparation takes some time, so plan ahead. Put the dried chickpeas into a bowl and fill it with water. Let them sit and soak in there for at least 4hrs, I rather leave them there over night. This time they had 24hrs to soak.


After they have soaked, you’ll notice that they have doubled in size (make sure they are completely covered with water during the soaking!).
Refresh the water as soon as you start the final preparations and put everything in a pot. As soon as the water boils, let the chickpeas simmer on medium heat for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the ingredients and a blender.
Put fresh garlic, the oils (try not too much, pour in more later if desired), lemon juice, Tahina, salt, roasted pepper and the chili into the blender, maybe purée them already.


After the chickpeas are ready, pour the water away, wash them quickly and add them to the blender.
You will notice how much liquid you will need, the mass tends to be very sticky soon. I usually blend in several badges, adding water and oil bit by bit.
After you have puréed everything, make a final taste test, add spices if required and you are all set to go. Yummy!

Additionally, you could add fresh spinach or feta cheese or fresh bell peppers,… Whatever comes to your mind. If you do not like it as hot as I do, leave the chili away and just decorate the hummus with powdered chili and some drips of oil.

Today, I just made the recipe above but I have already tried some other versions, such as spinach and feta, tomato and bell pepper, basil pesto, … and so on.

Serve the hummus with chopped veggies or bread or a topping for your grilled meat. It could also substitute for bad dressings like ketchup (too much sugar) or mayonnaise.