14 days raw foods detox challenge - day 8

14 days raw foods detox challenge – day 8

It’s Friday, yay!
Today, I started the day with a smoothie made of fruits and chia seeds. That was quite something different but yummy.
Along with the chia seeds, I put raspberries, celery, organic oats, matcha, strawberries, real vanilla, almond milk, apple, cranberries and pomegranate into my blender.

Picture is bad, sorry, and I also forgot to take some before…
Lunch was a mess, I was deseeding a pomegranate and afterwards my kitchen and I looked like I was in a slaughterhouse. After I “killed” this pomegranate, I didn’t have much nerve for anything as exhausting, so I just added mango, oranges and almonds.



After work I visited a friend and she cut up a honey pomelo for us, I never tried it before (and the picture is bad) but I liked it a lot. Will definitely buy some soon!

I just prepared dinner and it was a smoothie, since I still had some mango and an overly ripened banana. Together with oranges and almond milk with real vanilla, it was enough for today.