14 days raw foods detox challenge - day 13

14 days raw foods detox challenge – day 13

I’ll keep it short today for it’s late and I had a very long day of traveling through the country.
I knew today would be a tough one so I had crushed spelt, grapes and soy milk for breakfast and also packed apples, banana and tangerine as snacks to go.

I did something really bad – I skipped lunch because I was too busy. No excuse, you’re never too busy to being allowed skipping a meal!
I regret it but I stayed strong and when I returned, I had a quick fruit bowl with kiwi, banana, tangerine and passion fruit.

For dinner, I had olives from a friend’s garden, a rocket salad with tomatoes and yellow bell pepper with an interesting dressing:

1 tsp bear’s garlic
1 tsp hawk-bit
1 tsp mint
salt, pepper, lemon juice


Dessert was a fruit bowl with tangerines, grapes, banana, kiwi and papaya.
That’s it for today – good night world!