14 days raw foods detox challenge - day 14

14 days raw foods detox challenge – day 14

A bit late… I know! But I can proudly announce, I made it through the 14 days eating only raw foods and I pay my fullest respect to all raw vegans out there!
Since I returned late on Friday, I did not have any time, yet, to update my detox but here we go.
Breakfast was simply the rest of the day before’s fruit salad (kiwi, tangerine, grapes, papaya, banana) with spelt flakes and soy milk (I discovered that I don’t like soy milk, I will stick to almond milk!).
Traveling through the country, I had some bananas, apples and nuts with me.
For dinner, I was feasting on tomatoes with mint, olives, broccoli salad with sesame seeds and avocado.




My conclusion of these 14 days:
It was not always easy. In fact, I really love cooked and warm food! I respect this way of life and I will definitely repeat this detox again. I’m not sure whether I could live vegan, but I will try to keep some of the habits for the future, such as smoothies for breakfast, rather choosing veggies over animal produce, for example.
I had no problems with my digestion, I experienced a very deep sleep, I did not starve and I lost 9lbs. Of course, getting the same amount of 450 kcal through fries equals about 3kg of celery…

Anyway, I now have many new ideas and will post more dishes to let you take part in my daily kitchen life!