Raw lettuce boats

Raw lettuce boats

As I am currently trying to integrate more raw meals to my daily routine, I want to share tonight’s dinner with you.
I had some veggies left and started to improvise a bit, this is the result:
Filled raw lettuce boats!

1 small head lettuce
2 big mushrooms

The salsa:
2 big very ripe tomatoes
1/2 avocado (mine was huge, so that could equal 1 small)
1 red paprika
1/2 red onion
1 medium sized carrot
6-7 stems parsley
2 big leafs basil
1 branch of rosemary
sea salt, black pepper
Optional: garlic, chili

Clean the lettuce and the mushrooms. Cut the stems of the mushrooms out and put them to the salsa ingredients (nothing is waisted in this house!). Set lettuce and mushrooms aside.

Roughly chop all salsa ingredients and put in a blender, pulse until preferred consistency.

Decorate a plate with lettuce leafs and mushrooms and fill the salsa in. There you go, a different kind of salad. Or “tacos”.