Shopping list and tipps for 2 weeks raw

Shopping list and tipps for 2 weeks raw

If you are intending on having a raw challenge and want to keep it to 2 weeks, this is a basic shopping list for 1 week:

  • fresh spinach (best purchased every 3 days): needed for salads, base for smoothies, etc.
  • broccoli: at least 3 heads per week, good for salads, can be added to smoothies and keeps you stuffed for a very long time
  • melon: any kind is fine, keeps you hydrated and is nice for lunches
  • oranges: nice snack or to be added to smoothies, juicing base
  • papaya: smoothies, snacks, helps with digestion if you’re not used to eating so much raw food and need help with digesting all the fibers
  • avocados: as much as eating raw is fat/oil free, you need essential fats and avocados are a nice source. They also add a great twist to any salad, make up for dips for other veggies, can be added to smoothies,… so many options!
  • limes: you are not using any oils for dressings on salads and as soon as you have tried simple lime juice and meat with pepper on your salads, you’ll get hooked. Promised!
  • grapes: snacking, smoothies, some sweet treats inbetween
  • salads: any kind, lunch, dinner, to add some volume to your meals
  • mache: I know, it’s salad, but this can also be a base for your smoothies. Anything green will boost your energy levels in the mornings
  • arugula/rocket: salad, yes. But also a nice twist to smoothies. Sounds weird, tastes awesome with pineapple
  • pineapple: snacking, smoothies, banana ice cream add on
  • bananas: loads and loads of nanas. You’ll need them for spontaneous hunger feelings, definitely base of any smoothie, banana ice cream (nice cream) whenever possible
  • apples: same as bananas, smoothies, snacking, juicing
  • carrots: plain, with dipps, added to salads, smoothies, juices
  • ginger: finely chooped added to lime dressing, add to smoothies or juices
  • parsley: salads, smoothies – yes, smoothies! Or raw soups!
  • cilantro/coriander: avocado marries cilantro <3 = guacamole!!! Or any salad as add-on
  • berries: any berries actually. Add them to your smoothies, nicecream, juice them, add to salads,…
  • mushrooms: salads, keep you stuffed
  • nuts: same as avocados, you need those fats! Activate the nuts by soaking them for a couple of hours, let them dry and add them to anything. Salads, smoothies, raw soups like gazpacho, make energy balls
  • tomatoes: gazpacho, salad, salsa
  • paprika/bell peppers: soups, salads
  • olives: soups, salads, essential fats
  • oat flakes: this is actually a nice base for very stuffing morning smoothies, don’t underestimate them :-) Or make over-night-oats (soak oat flakes in nut milk and eat in the morning as cold “porridge” with berries)
  • cucumber: soups, salads, smoothies, anything to keep you hydrated, just as melons (yes, they are related)
  • fresh herbs and spices: add a twist to anything, or even green soup
  • chia seeds: add to smoothies, make pudding, add to salads, soups to get a little more nutrients
  • mango: so sweet, so juicy, so suitable as snack, juice, smoothie, in salads, in soups…
  • spring onions: salsa, soups, salads, wherever you need a little twingy twist
  • slowly dried dates and figs: or any other dried fruits (apricots, for example) you will have to be very careful what you buy because some are dried under high heat and cannot be considered raw andymore. Those are a base for raw energy balls

What you don’t do:

  • no processed foods (store-bought anything!)
  • make your own nut milk, it’s easy!
  • don’t cook anything!
  • if you are cold and/or don’t feel well, make yourself tea. I cheated with this one. Boil (filtered) water and add ginger, lemon, fresh sage leafs. It helps a lot

What you will have to do:

  • drink lots of water, you will need this to help your body digest all the fibers. I doubled my intake during the raw time

Of course, you are free to add anything fruit, veggie or legume to this shopping list as long as you can consume everything raw. Sweet potatoes for example can be eaten raw, normal potatoes on the other hand shouldn’t be eaten raw.

Have fun and enjoy. Remember, if you don’t feel well, stop. Your body tells you what it likes and what not, never force yourself to do anything you are not comfortable with!!!